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Sandy Longney Alaskan Art Drum

Sandy Longney – Southeast Alaskan Art

Sandy Longney is a Melbourne, Australia, born artist who learnt to paint and design Native Alaskan art in Haines Alaska, a small town in the Pacific North West of the United States.

Sandy has spent over ten years living in Haines working at such places as ‘Alaskan Indian Arts', mastering the subtle design and colors of Native Alaskan art alongside master Native American Indian carvers such as Wayne Price and John Hagen.

The traditional works Sandy paints include carvings, totem poles, canoes, paddles, traditional drums and canvas painting.

Works Sandy has painted have been sold to art galleries and collectors from around the world.

When in Australia, Sandy spends her time canvas painting traditional Alaskan art as well as designing and painting commissioned pieces.

However most of the year Sandy lives and works in the US where she works locally in Haines. She has also worked in Skagway at Terry William's world-renowned gallery ‘Inside Passage Arts' as well as maintaining her work through ‘Alaskan Indian Arts'.

Sandy has painted the works on this website that include 'Original art' at the end of the caption. The designs are from various native artists of the Pacific North West who Sandy works with. Other photos on the website are of Alaskan art found throughout Alaska and Alaska in general, particularly around the areas Sandy works and lives.

Note that all designs and painted artworks on are copyright pieces of art work that remain the property of the artists who designed and painted the art. All photos on remain the property of

Most of the artwork has been commissioned by collectors and art gallaries or painted for specific events within the Native Alaskan community. Some artwork is going to be made available for sale through soon.


Alaskan Drum Frog Sandy with Drum Alaska Mountains
Inside Passage Arts Back of Alaskan Drum Drum in Art Gallery
Canoe Drum Alaska Home Friend with Drum


Alaskan Art Drum Design

Alaskan Art - Drum Design. Original art.

First a design is drawn with pencil onto tracing paper and then transferred to the drum. Painting begins when this basic design-outline is on the drum. There are many aspects to the painting. The colors are pigment mixed to achieve precise traditional colors. Precise painting is then applied to the drum with numerous and various coats for each of the colors. The most dominant colors used are usually black and red. Each design has specific meaning and can also tell a story.


Drum at Inside Passage Arts Gallery

Alaskan Art - Drum hanging at Inside Passage Arts gallery. Original art.

Sandy has worked at Terry William's Inside Passage Arts gallery in Skagway at various times. To travel to Skagway Sandy catches the ferry from Haines.


Totem Pole painted for Alaskan Indian Arts

Alaskan Totem Pole - Painted for Alaskan Indian Arts (AIA) in Haines.
Original art.

The painting Sandy was doing above was to restore the original paint job of the totem pole. Totem poles that are outside wear with the elements. Especially in the freezing cold of the Alaskan winter.


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Totem pole at Saxman Totem Park

Totem Pole at
Saxman Totem Park.

Saxman Native Village is
near Ketchikan, Alaska.


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